I’m a solo indie game developer working from Worcester, UK.

You can contact me at martin@placeholder-software.co.uk. Feel free to use this PGP key if you have something private to say.


Games have been part of my life for as long as I can remember - my Dad was introducing me to playing games loaded from tapes onto our PC before I even went to school! Throughout primary school I abused my position as a “Computer Monitor” to stay indoors and learn programming during lunchtimes and by the time I was in secondary school I’d learnt some of the basics of programming with C++ and Visual Basic 5. Six years later I took my first formal programming classes in college and rediscovered the love for programming I had lost in High school ICT classes. From there onwards I spent every spare second at breaks and lunchtimes programming hundreds of games in Visual Basic, there are even a couple of them still available online (probably requires some voodoo magic to work on a modern computer).

I went on to do a Computer Science degree at the University Of Birmingham and learnt about the abstract mathematical fundamentals of computing theory as well as more practical software engineering principles. In the second year my team for the group programming course built a 2D multiplayer action/platformer (requires Java) called Twilight Nightmare which won the students choice award for best game. I spent my spare time building larger, much more ambitious 3D games using C# and XNA which are what I still use to makes games today.

After graduating in 2011 I decided to become a full time indie developer. I started working with a team of 3 other people on a action platformer inspired by Twilight Nightmare (but with much more developed mechanics) and professional art. Unfortunately this fell through as other people on the team found full time jobs and couldn’t find enough time to work on the game. My current projects are Heist - a cooperative multiplayer bank heist game with procedurally generated banks and explorable cities - and Epimetheus - a scriptable and moddable game engine which supports procedurally generated worlds and is the game engine for Heist.

Open Source

I’m a huge believer in Open Source and I try to open source everything I work on that isn’t something I plan to sell, like Epimetheus and Heist (and I might even open these up someday). Most of my open source projects are hosted over at Github. Some of the most interesting ones are:

Epimetheus is my game engine and it is totally closed source (at the moment). However plugins to Epimetheus are a different matter entirely, My profile at Bitbucket is entirely scripts which make the Epimetheus engine stop being an engine and start being a game: