An new release of Heist.

Where Is It?

If you’ve never played Heist before you can get it from here. If you’ve played Heist before then just run it and it should offer to auto update (if it doesn’t, just get it again and it’ll write over the old version. Then send me an email and tell me you had this problem).

Major Features

  • Bugfixes in Behaviour Scripting Interface
  • Bugfixes in Entity Scripting Interface
  • New Network Protocol (saving 1 byte in every single packet sent)

How to play

It’s still not entirely obvious how to play, I’ll be working on fixing that for the next release. A few of the least intuitive things:

  • When you first spawn you’ll drop out of the sky and die to fall damage then instantly respawn (long standing bug)
  • Number keys do not toggle weapons (work in progress)
  • Sounds created by tools all emanate from the world origin (work in progress)

What are my guns!?

Since there’s no indicator what you have equipped yet, these are the tools:

  1. Box Spawn (click to spawn a box on top of your head)
  2. Sniper Rifle (click to fire, this will knock back boxes an impressive distance)
  3. Laser Rifle (click to fire, this will fire a slow moving yellow laser bolt which looks cool at night)
  4. Torch (Pretty useful at night)

Work In Progress

I’m currently working on a weapon indicator, which will automatically appear in your game once I have it done.

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