I’m going to be releasing weekly changelog videos, this first one introduces what Heist is and where you can find more information.

Weekly Changelogs Every Saturday

Showing off videos of game engine development is hard because most of the work is really boring technical stuff about network packet encoding, finite state machines and ReSTful APIs. Because of this all the stuff up until now has been blog posts with a lot of technical content.

However, the project is starting to move from entirely being about building the Epimetheus game engine and is starting to pickup some pace with actually building a game on the engine. From now on every Saturday I’m going to be putting out a brief changelog video summarising the changes I made in the preceding week. This first one is a little special, I’m taking this opportunity to really quickly introduce the project and next week (changelog 1) will be the first real changelog.

Changelog #0

Go and watch it, right now!

Where Is The Long Promised Alpha Release?

It’s been an extraordinarily long time since my last release and a lot has changed. Ideally, I would release an alpha build alongside changelog #1. However, right now the game requires steam (for networking) and so I can’t redistribute the game without first going through greenlight. I’ll probably strip out the steam dependency in a month or two and make a single player only release for people to play with.

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