I wrote up and recorded a changelog but unfortunately some complicated technical problems (inexplicable build failures) have popped up. Hopefully I’ll get the changelog out tomorrow!

New video is out (one day late) introducing navmesh generation.

Inexplicable Build Failures

Epimetheus/Heist is a complex set of over 40 interdependent projects. Somewhere along the way one of these projects have output some incorrect artefacts and that’s messing everything up which means I can’t record the game for the changelog! These kinds of problems are incredibly difficult to debug and so I can’t rely on getting them fixed in a timely enough manner today to also get a video recorded, edited and uploaded. Hopefully I should get these issues fixed later today/early tomorrow and I can get a video out then.

This Week

Watch The Video!

  • C# wrapper around Recast
  • Integrated Recast into my own pathfinding system
  • Integrated Recast generation into Epimetheus world generation
  • Minor improvements to world generation error handling

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