I’m back, my wrist is still fragile but I’ve got some great work done on AI.

Triumphant Return

Finally I manage to get a changelog out! This has been a pretty depressing few weeks - always so close to functioning AI but never managing to achieve it because typing is painful. However I’ve finally managed to scrape together enough AI tech to make a video.

Watch The Video!

  • Completed Integrating GoAP
  • Integrated and overhauled Behaviour Trees
  • Polished NPC path generation
  • NPC path following
  • Redesigning/Refactoring SharpSteer2, my open source fork of SharpSteer / OpenSteer
  • Entirely new Base-ArtificialIntelligence project for Epimetheus plugins to use as a base for various AIs in game
  • Integrating SharpSteer2 into Base-ArtificialIntelligence
  • Minor refactoring work to tie together AI inputs and the animation controller originally used just for the player character

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy even whilst recovering!

What Next?

As cool as AI is it’s been pretty depressing working on it with RSI - progress was slow and, literally, painful. For now I’m going to distance myself from AI a little and work on something else to get my mind off it!

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