Last Week

Before I get started I want to apologise for last week - I had a really busy weekend and doing my update totally slipped my mind. I suddenly remember at 23:30 on Sunday evening what is was that had been bugging me all day! By then it was too late and I decided just to leave it to this week instead.

This Week

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  • Start of an NPC suspicion framework
  • Events for NPCs to react to sounds
  • A sound renderer for humans to hear sounds
  • Tidied up a large and ugly part of the modding API to insulate plugins from breaking changes within the engine

What’s Next?

The NPC suspicion framework is only a very early start on this stuff - right now I don;t have a single NPC character which actually uses these events. I’m going to do a lot of work next week on neatening up the old AI code and integrating this new event system into it, my aim will be to have a couple of different NPCs who patrol around the test level with different attitudes:

  • Shoot on sight (simple test of NPC sight)
  • Pursue and shoot when suspicious (simple test of NPC suspicion)

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