I’m in Japan, Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.


Kyoto was the home of the emperor and the capital of Japan from 794 through to 1868. It’s a city absolutely packed with history - there are no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city!

Of course we also visited the two most important cultural sites in Kyoto:

Whilst in Kyoto we stayed in a Japanese style Ryokan - with tatami mats on the floor and futons to sleep on.

We were in Kyoto for an entire week and took loads more pictures of many more places but I only wanted an overview here instead of an entire gallery! I might whip up a full blown gallery once I’m back in the UK and have a bit more time.


I’m actually writing this in Hiroshima, which we arrived in two days ago. We’ll be departing for Nagoya tomorrow (just for one night) and so I’ll probably do a combined Hiroshima/Nagoya post next.

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