My old blog wasn’t too bad, but I wanted something with a bit more… colour.

Colourful Is The New Black

I’ve had this blog up for quite a while and most of the time I have been using this theme (called Hooligan). Hooligan isn’t a bad theme structurally, in fact I really like the layout, but it’s a bit boring in terms of style - it’s just too dark. As you can see my new style definitely does not suffer from a lack of colour!

The new system is almost entirely Hooligan under the hood, I simply forked it and changed some small bits of the CSS. I’ve changed over from white text on a black background to more traditional black text on a white background. All the elements of the page (navbar, content area, title bar etc) are all very colour neutral which allows all the colour to come through from the background pattern. The background is generated by Trianglify and uses a random ColorBrewer scale so you get a varied background on every page but the colours are always matching and never clash.

It’s Probably Broken

It’s new, I just wrote it in one day - this means it’s probably broken somewhere! Please don’t hesitate to tell me if you find something broken, you can comment here, tweet at me or log an issue in the issue tracker for this site.

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