I’m going to make a release every two weeks, on Mondays, starting from next Monday (18th June).

Regular Releases

Two weeks ago I made the first release of Heist. Everyone who tried the game seemed to think it was pretty cool, and was interested in the direction I would be taking it in. It’s been really encouraging that other people think this is a cool idea, and it’s not just me being weird!

I’ve decided that this was all so fun that I’m going to try and do regular releases. Every two weeks, on Mondays, I will upload a new version of Heist ([here] ( and will blog about the changes I’ve made here. The installer should auto update the game when you run it, so you don’t even need to check if there’s a new version you’ll just automatically get it.

I’m Not Good With Timetables

I’m sure that you’re now thinking to yourself that it’s been two weeks since the initial launch and that I should be releasing a new build tomorrow. If you were then award yourself a cookie, I should be uploading a new build tomorrow… but I won’t be. The next feature I really wanted to get out the door is multiplayer, it’s something that really needs a lot of testing by a lot of players across as many networks as possible - not something I can possibly do myself. Of course, because multiplayer needs so much testing, it’s really hard to develop it and I’ve not been able to get it stable enough for me to release it tomorrow.

I’ve decided I will release a build next Monday instead, 1 week late. It will be the multiplayer build and I will try my best to make multiplayer as reliable as possible by then!

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