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You Spoke, I Listened

Earlier this week (on my old blog) I launched the demo version of heist, I posted about it on some forums I frequent and got some very positive feedback. Great!

There was just one piece of very negative feedback which everyone agreed upon: Your blog SUCKS.

I built the site way back in the first year of university, a few of the problems I encountered:

  • Appengine was new
  • I’d never used python before
  • I had no idea about client web development
  • I had no idea about server side web development

Oddly enough this combination didn’t come together to produce the fantastic, cutting edge, site I expected. Over the years since then I’ve had a few attempts at restructuring the site a little but it really needs a total rebuild - the backend is a mess of spaghetti code and the front end is eye bleedingly ugly. It had to go.

It Had To Go

Luckily just as I got pushed into constructing a new blog by the complaints of the forumites I was experimenting with github pages for hosting documentation for Heist. Github pages are free hosting, don’t required any backend coding, allow me to write my blog posts in markdown and require essentially no work to set up. Sold!

So, here were are. My old blog will stay up until I transfer across all the content, if that ever happens. But new content will appear here from now on.

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