A changelog is out showing off a lightning tour of some procedurally generated train carriages.

This week

Watch The Video!

  • Gameplay, coming soon (tm). A new bit of actual gameplay to show off each week.
  • Test level for the next couple of months will be a Heist onboard a train.
  • Each carriage will serve as a test bed for some new piece of gameplay.

What’s Next?

As I said in the video this procedural generation system is a framework for generating arbitrarly large and complex buildings - entire skyscrapers could be generated with this system. However, that’s not what I’m going to do, instead I’m going to focus on making what I have (3 train carriages) more detailed with things like doors (with pickable locks or stealable keys), windows (which can be opened or broken and climbed out of) and chairs (which can be moved, thrown and hidden behind) - basically building an interactive world instead of a huge one. i.e. From here on I’m going to be focussing on gameplay mechanics!

But What Did You Work On This Week?

If you listen carefully to the video you’ll notice I say I finished the procedural floor plan generation system last week - so what did I do this week? I’ve been doing a lot of preparation work for implementing gameplay mechanics over the coming weeks, for example I spent a load of time deciding specifically what mechanics there are in Heist and then the details of how some of them work. I’ve also been laying some groundwork on systems like the inventory system which are quite central to a lot of systems - can’t do pickpocketing without inventories, can’t take items from bodies without an inventory on the body etc.

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