A changelog is out showing off a very basic ragdoll, I’m putting ragdolls on hold for now since they’re not important. No updates for 4 weeks because of a holiday.

This week

Watch The Video!

  • Ragdolls sort of work
  • Modelling software is complicated

I planned to spend a couple of days getting manually defined ragdolls working this week and then to move on to some small gameplay feature. Unfortunately after I got manually defined ragdolls working (which took the estimated 2 days) I encountered even more unexpected problems which took the rest of the entire week and still aren’t fully fixed!

What’s Next?

You know what I’m planning to do next? NOTHING.

I’m going to be on holiday in Japan for three and a half weeks and it’s going to be glorious - mostly because I won’t be crunching on game development every day! To be honest, I’m such a terrible workaholic that I won’t be happy if I really do nothing for three weeks so I will be programming and I will probably even do some work on Heist - but I’m just going to mess with some far out ideas I have that are unlikely to succeed. Crazy stuff like procedural conversation tree generation or something like that.

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