FXAA, TXAA (maybe), SSAO, Screen Space Decals and a little bit of work on sticky cover.

This Week

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It’s been two weeks, largely taken up by a load of work on the underlying graphics engine (Myre.Graphics).


FXAA was a vast improvement to my anti aliasing system. On the left is an example of my old AA system vs FXAA… if you’re wondering that left hand picture does have AA applied to it, that’s just how bad the old system was! Click the picture for a larger version.

FXAA still only solves half the problem. It makes static images look loads better but doesn’t do anything for flickering in moving images. For example the edges which are drawn around things in Heist flicker badly when they’re in the distance. I’ve been investigating something like TXAA applied just to the edge detection system to help solve this.


Wow these were complicated! I’ve already done a big in depth blog post on how these work over here, so check that out.

Dynamic Sticky Cover v0.2

I’ve finally got back to cover and as I said in the video a fresh perspective has really helped me stamp out some bugs in the last couple of days. Hopefully I can get this wrapped up next week (famous last words).

What’s Next?

After finishing off the dynamic sticky cover system I’ll probably add in-world control hints. So things like when you look at a surface it displays a little “Q” (or whatever your ‘take cover’ key is) to indicate you can take cover here.

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